Experience manager

Experiences tailored for your coffee shop, cafe, hotel, restaurant or bistro.

Marabans Experience Manager

We know that for any of us to have a good coffee or a good team, is an experience and that, like all experiences, we have to prepare for it.
Thus, emerged in Marabans, the figure of the experience manager.
Our mission is to teach you how to prepare the best cup of tea or coffee, to get it to the right temperature, extract all its aromas and show you how to create the perfect micro foam for all of your coffee based drinks.
Through continued training and support, we can help you achieve the skills in your business, to offer your customers a great Marabans coffee experience.

Training Academy

We offer training at our barista academy, located in our facilities near Birmingham, where we have the necessary machines, products, filter coffee machines, capsule coffee machines and get to work hands on in a real live Café Environment.

Also at the customers premises, where it is good to adapt to the physical environment in which the client usually works and involve all staff who have contact with coffee and tea, we therefore offer on-site training in your business. Everything from regulating the grinder, tamping and cleaning of your coffee machine and other equipment and of course how to make the perfect espresso and micro foam to make the Marabans standard of drinks.

The perfect micro foam.

We teach you create the perfect micro foam to develop your skill at Latte Art.

We Investigated. We Learnt. We Innovate.

In our academy we help to provide you the innovations that we have discovered.

Have you tried our tea infusions

Refreshing. Original. Different. Cocktail based teas: our tea tails.